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Welcome to Kazan, 2 days

Destinations Kazan Kazan is one of the most popular touristic cities in Russia, and welcomes millions of tourists from all over the world every year. This city combines different cultures, nationalities, religions, East and West meet here and live in peace and quiet. Kazan is now recognized as a sport capital of Russia.

The price for one person, in USD


Accomodation, DBL/TWN





Relita-Kazan Hotel 4*





Tour programm

Meeting the guests by the guide at the railway station. Transfer to the breakfast place.


Highlight bus and walking tour around the city. You will see the oldest Kazan streets, historical monuments, St. Barbara’s church – the symbolic Gateway to Siberia, National Cultural Centre “Kazan”, the National destination resort “Tugan Avilim”, the Millenium Park (Park Tisyacheletiya), Old Tatar Quarter (StaroTatarskaya Sloboda), where the Tatars lived after the conquering of Kazan by Ivan IV. You will also have a look at the Mardjani mosque, the lake Kaban, Tatar Drama theatre named after Haliaskar Kamal, Kazan Federal University, the administrative campus in the Liberty Square, where you can also find the Kazan townhall, Opera and Ballet theatre, Conservatory, government headquarters of Tatarstan, and the Church of the Exaltation of the Holy Cross, where Kazan Icon of the Mother of God is placed. And of course you will see the Kazan Kremlin with the Kul-Shariff mosque, the Annunciation cathedral and the Syuyumbike Tower on its territory.

Walking tour down the Bauman street, where you will find the Nikolsky cathedral church, the Church and the Bell-tower of the Epiphany, the monument of Fyodor Shalyapin, the zero milestone, the National celebrities Walk of fame, Russian Drama Theatre named after V. Kachalov.

Lunch with the entertainment program. Introduction, quiz, national vocal and musical instruments (accordion). The entertainment program includes learning and singing the Tatar song “Ai bil bilim”, folk games of Sabantui festival, photo shoot, D.J. with the musical background. Time 45-60min.

Transfer to the hotel. Checking-in. Free time.

(Guide + Bus, 9 hours, 8 a.m.-5 p.m.)



The tour to the Tatar peasant’s house
. It is an interactive excursion, where you will be involved in the past, feeling yourself a part of the Tatar peasants’ life during the XIX-XX centuries. You are going to visit the traditional Tatar house, which was usually divided into two parts, women part and men part. You will see the traditional places in the house, the so-called groom’s place, the just-married couple’s bed, a cowshed, barns, a scientist’s workshop, a hovel for harness, a bath-house (the so-called Russian sauna), an orchard and many other interesting things.

Having disguised yourself in the Tatar national clothes, you can imagine being a peasant. You can try yourself in ironing with the antique iron filled with coal, chop the cabbage, mash the grains in a mealing stone, work the butter in a butter churn, take a real antique cooking pot out of the stove, and other. At the end you will be treated with the Tatar herbal tea and national special treats.

Leaving to Sviyajsk. The excursion includes the walking tour around the island (1,5 hours), visiting the Virgin Monastery of Sviyajsk, founded in the XVI century. There are the original fresco paintings of the Ivan IV period, including his singular lifetime picture; the rare picture of St. Christopher with the horse head, the oldest in the Volga region wooden Trinity church, the grand five-domed Mother of God cathedral and many other places to visit. On the viewing platform you will be impressed with the touching beauty and endless vastness of the Volga and the Sviyaga rivers.

In the museum of Sviyajsk’s history you will learn the history of the town more thoroughly (1 hour). Everyone who has been here at least one time, will understand Russian poets, describing this place as a wonderful fairytale.


Interactive game Archers’ games (40-60min). You’ll be involved in the interactive game that moves you back to the XVI century. You can try yourself in archery, take part in the cosplay, attend the blacksmith’s shop and the pottery.

Transfer to Kazan.

Transfer to the railway station/ airport.

(Guide+bus, 9 hours, 9 a.m.-6 p.m.)

The tour price includes
  • Staying for 1 night
  • English speaking guide services
  • Transportation
  • Entrance tickets
  • Entertainment
  • Feeding according to the program
  • 1 escort for free

  • The Touroperator can change the order and time of excurtions in the programm, keeping all listed excurtions in the programm
  • The cost can be changed depending on the dates, quantity of children and adults in the group. The time of the program may be corrected. You can also add or remove the excursion or change it for something else.
  • The comission for touristic companies - 10%
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